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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Event Processing in Location-based Services

Posted by David Olson

Business is event-driven. No. Wait. Life is event-driven, and if it wasn’t, we’d be walking into walls and every sentence would start with “Oops.” Life would be a string of missed opportunities. We’ve done a masterful job of using technology to transform our business processes into software, but one tenet that’s been missing is that business should imitate life. Sense and respond is what’s been missing.

We recently announced that match2blue (http://web.progress.com/inthenews/match2blue-stands-ou-11092009.html) will be using the event processing capabilities of Apama to provide location-based services in social networking. Sense and respond is crucial for their ability to enable like-minded people to connect in real-time. Traditional data processing technology and its normal rhythm of “capture, store, analyze” can’t, well, keep up. And in a world where latency leads to missed opportunities, match2blue is proving that through the right technology business can imitate life.

Responding to business events as they happen is what will define your competitive advantage.

Business is event-driven, indeed.


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