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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Apama & CQG - Partnering for Low Latency Futures Execution

Posted by Chris Martins

The 24th Annual FIA Futures & Options Expo took place in Chicago this week in and we used that venue to announce an Apama partnership with CQG.  A quite significant player in the Futures trading market, CQG offers real time quotation, charting and technical analysis tools. Via this new partnership, CQG users can now automatically execute trades that have been signaled from within CQG's technical analysis models, leveraging algorithms that are offered via the Apama CEP platform.

A key element in the partnership is the deployment model.  Apama is being hosted in the CQG infrastructure such that their users do not have to install Apama locally in order to access the benefits of the integrated offering.  They can select and parameterize the execution algorithms via Apama dashboards and gain very low latency execution through CQG’s co-located facilities at major global exchanges.

Deals like this signal the growing interest in Apama. Part of the appeal is the flexibility of the underlying Apama CEP platform (and its supporting tools).  That flexibility encompasses different asset classes, the different application use cases that are needed to support those asset classes and, as is evidenced here, different deployment models. 

Shown below is a CQG screen, with the Apama dashboard component highlighted.



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