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Monday, November 10, 2008

Apama Capital Markets Framework

Posted by Chris Martins

There can be a tendency to presume that CEP’s early adoption in Capital Markets has been predicated solely on the performance characteristics of CEP engines. Though performance is clearly a key attribute for these systems, it is far from the only determinant of success. Apama’s success has been equally attributable to having a strong understanding of how to apply CEP to specific Capital Markets requirements.  That is backed up by a reservoir of experience – within both the Apama engineering team and the field organization – that knows how to apply that experience within deployments.

The Apama commitment to this approach is exemplified by our recent announcement of the Apama Capital Markets Framework. Over the year, we have announced a series of Solution Accelerators that focus on specific Capital Markets application areas and extend Apama with features that “accelerate” the speed with which our clients can deploy applications in those areas. This approach belies the “feeds and speeds” myopia that often dominates discussions about CEP, both within Capital Markets and without. Yes, Apama is fast – certainly the equal, if not the superior, to other products in the market. But all the speed in the world is of little use if your application is still under development. The speed of developing the application is equally important and it is a mistake to consider the effort to bridge the gap between the power of the underlying engine and a solution to the customer as just a “simple matter of programming”. Thus, Apama devotes considerable time and energy on both development tools, as well as our solution accelerators, to faciliate the speed with which our customers get to that end solution.

And while we note that others are beginning to follow our path with their own "solutions", the new Capital Markets Framework takes this approach further. Apama is effectively providing a solution-focused framework for the ongoing enhancement to our existing Accelerators and the creation of new ones. This is more than just marketing lip-service - not that we ever do that anyway :-)  There is a substantive engineering commitment to the CMF and its Accelerators that truly capitalizes on the Apama experience with the use of our technology to address real world use cases.


Ii_logo As a bit of further evidence that Apama’s presence in Capital Markets is substantial, let this blog posting also briefly acknowledge that Apama co-founder, Dr. John Bates, was recently recognized by Institutional Investor as one of thirty financial technology providers that are critical to the success of the financial markets.  The publication describes CEP as a "critical component in algorithmic trading systems for analyzing and acting upon vast quantities of market information."    While that statement is true, the potential for CEP in Capital Markets extends far beyond algorithmic trading.   And that is why the Capital Markets Framework will be a key component of Apama's efforts going forward.


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