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Friday, August 22, 2008

CEP - Some Applications within Capital Markets

Posted by Chris Martins

There is occasionally discussion in the blogosphere around the role of CEP within Capital Markets.  Beyond the online chatter, we also hear via offline discussions that Apama comes up in that context, given our strong (arguably dominant) presence in that vertical.  I'd rather not get embroiled in a debate about what is or is not CEP or what are the historical antecedents of CEP.  Actually I would, but I won't here. Let's just say that there have been suggestions that Apama is really not CEP, because it is an algorithmic trading platform.  Or, on occasion, there is the corollary assertion that algorithmic trading is not CEP and since Apama does algorithmic trading, therefore it is not a CEP product, which is false both in terms of the facts and the logical structure of the argument.  And it goes on - and on.

John Bates recently conducted a series of "audio interviews" that talk about some of the different usages of Apama and CEP within Capital Markets.  They might be illustrative to those who see Apama and CEP solely in terms of algorithmic trading or don't really understand algorithmic trading.  The information is not intended to be deeply technical from either a CEP or Cap Markets perspective, but hopefully provides some introductory context for understanding the real potential for CEP in delivering value within that market - and beyond.

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