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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

SIFMA 2008 - Hot and Busy

Posted by Chris Martins

This week is the SIFMA (Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association) technology management conference in NYC.  The city has been brutally hot and the NYC Hilton exhibit hall, at least where Apama is, has not been measurably cooler. Those $5.00 bottles of water that they sell in the exhibit hall might represent opportunism - or capitalism - at its best. Or maybe it’s just NYC. :-)

First day attendance has been quite good and I’d encourage any attending to stop by the Apama exhibit (Grand Ballroom, Level 2, #2415). You’ll see a range of demos, including our new 4.0 release, and see some of the “magic” of CEP in action (you’ll have to come by to understand the magic reference). A lot has been happening with Apama and we’ve used this show to make some significant announcements. 

  • A partnership with NYSE Euronext Advanced Trading Solutions that enables NYSE Euronext ATS to offer its customers Apama-based CEP capabilities for algorithmic trading, real-time risk management, and smart order routing. The announcement has received significant press pickup, including a nice story in the Financial Times.
  • A technology development collaboration with Sun Microsystems involving support of the Apama platform on Sun x64 systems, running the Solaris 10, as well as the launch of a new Apama “Accelerator”, the Apama Real-time Pricing Accelerator. Apama continues to focus on application templates that enhance the speed with which solutions can be deployed and this Accelerator extends that theme into the area of market-making for bonds and other instruments.
  • Announcement of the upcoming availability of above-mentioned Apama 4.0, which introduces a new development environment, Apama Studio. Studio brings all the Apama development tools together within a single, integrated environment, complete with tutorials, sample applications and other aids. You might consider Apama 4.0 as, at its heart, a CEP Accelerator. 4.0 also includes significant enhancements to Apama’s execution performance, partially achieved via a new event messaging transport.

So a lot is happening both in NYC and at Apama.

Now if the Celtics could only close out the Lakers.


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