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Thursday, May 01, 2008

An Apama Hat Trick

Posted by Chris Martins

Last week proved to be a busy one for Apama on the marketing front as we issued three separate announcements in conjunction with our presence at the TradeTech show in Paris.  Two of the announcements focused on customers, while the third focused on work that a partner is jointly doing with Apama in the area of market surveillance.

  • ING Wholesale Banking announced that it is expanding its use of Apama, previously focused on algorithms for Benelux Small and Mid-Caps.  ING has re-engineered those algorithms to address markets in Hungary and Poland with a variety of features that include hybrid cross asset algorithms that leverage ING’s direct access within those emerging markets.
  • SEB, the Scandinavian financial group, announced it will expand its use of Apama to deliver advanced order flow monitoring services within a compliance application.  This was a second SEB announcement, following one last year regarding the SEB deployment of Apama to support client trading in Exchange-traded equities and futures.
  • And lastly, but certainly not least, together with Detica, a key partner, we jointly announced a Market Surveillance Accelerator.  Accelerators are extensions to the core Apama platform that help our customers jumpstart their deployments, incorporating business logic and other components like sample dashboards and adapters for connectivity.  In this instance, we are combining the technical know-how and experience of Detica and Apama – both of which are now supporting projects at the FSA and Turquoise - to address the growing demand for real-time market surveillance capabilities.  We’ve previously announced Accelerators for Market Aggregation and Smart Order Routing.   And there'll be more to come.

These three announcements collectively illustrate that a key part of the value of the Apama CEP platform is its versatility.  Apama may initially be deployed in support of a specific application like algorithmic trading or a specific asset class, but upon experience with the product, many of our customers expand their use to different asset classes, different geographic markets and/or entirely different applications – like compliance or risk or market surveillance.


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