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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Posted by Chris Martins

In the world of CEP, attention to rapid application development has tended to take a back seat to the focus on latency and performance.  However, the ability to develop and deploy CEP solutions relatively quickly is important if the applications are to be able to adjust to changing circumstances.  And rapid application development and rapid application execution are certainly not mutually exclusive. For CEP to become more widely adopted – and arguably to fulfill its potential to become a pervasive mode of computing – there must be increased focus on the process of building CEP applications. 

Apama is a longstanding proponent of tools that 1) foster rapid development and 2) make the development of CEP applications more accessible to the business users.  This week we announced some enhancements in this area, in the context of Apama's SmartBlocks.  As a bit of serendipity, this announcement follows some recent data gathered by Forrester Research that speaks to the role of business in the adoption of CEP - "CEP Adoption is Broader, Deeper, and More Business-Driven than IT May Expect", January 31, 2008.  That report is gated, but a summary excerpt is available.


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Your post is a little ambiguous. Honestly, I've been sitting here reading and rereading it, and I honestly have no idea what Smart Blocks are, or how they speed up app development... :/


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Let's be clear! It is not the post that is ambiguous, it's your comment! Seems like you've just learned a new word from VS compiler...

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