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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Power of the Apama Name

Posted by Chris Martins

At Progress Software we believe that the Apama name signifies both a product and a brand identity of considerable prominence when you are thinking about CEP and, more specifically, algorithmic trading and other CEP applications.  And we've come across some third party validation of that prominence. Though it may not have not been intended that way, we find the use of “Apama” within a competitor’s online advertisement (see below) an interesting affirmation of Apama’s market leadership - and the power of the name.

Jumping on a competitor’s name by posting ads that display when the name is searched is fairly common practice.  If you do your own searching, you'll find other vendors trying to capitalize on interest in Apama. However, using a competitor’s name in the ads themselves is not OK. The Apama name is trademarked, so its usage is not allowed without permission. And, needless to say, we did not grant this competitor such permission. 

Also unacceptable is the highly inappropriate tactic of making the word “Apama” a link to the competitor’s site.  That's WAY out of line.

Until this is remedied we'll have to trust that those who are sophisticated enough to be investigating complex event processing are likewise sophisticated enough to see through such tactics.   These kinds of marketing gambits really don't advance the interests of anyone.

If you're interested in Apama, we can be found at www.progress.com/apama.   

As you can see in the picture, it’s the name at the top.




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Chris Martins

Subsequent to the above posting, I was contacted directly by a Streambase representative, who apologized for above-referenced ad and indicated that it had been removed. The mistake was apparently the inadvertent result of a third party whose work had not been reviewed by Streambase prior to going live.

We accept the explanation and the apology.

Bill Hobbib

We regret this inadvertently happened due to an administrative error--it was our mistake. This is not a part of our marketing strategy. As soon as this matter came to our attention, the error was promptly corrected. We have spoken to Chris via phone to inform him about this and apologize.

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