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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

BAM presentation at BPMS Congress

Posted by Giles Nelson

I'll be delivering a presentation in Madrid in the coming week at the BPMS Congress on how event processing can underpin BAM applications. We've got some good interest in BAM in Spain at the moment so this is an opportune time to spread the word.

This conference will cover a whole range of issues in the broad integration and business process management space - BAM being one of them. One important thing that I'll be emphasising is that a BAM project doesn't  need to come after a long and tortuous SOA adoption process. Some people appear to believe that BAM needs to be built upon process orchestation, BPM tooling etc. If you need the real-time operational visibility that BAM can provide you can do that now, pretty much whatever your underlying infrastructure. As long as you can source the information you're interested in from somewhere then there's potential.

I'll be posting again once the conference is over.


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