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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Event Processing Technical Society

Posted by Chris Martins

Another milestone in the evolution of the CEP market (I'll purposely not use the word "maturity", given the consternation that term seems to generate) was yesterday's announcement of the Event Processing Technical Society.  This consortia of vendors, academia, and other industry participants has formed to "facilitate the adoption and  effective use of event processing."  As one of the founding members, Progress is happy to see this effort get going in a more public manner, after several years of meetings and online discussion.

Not a standards body, the EPTS will otherwise work to try to advance an understanding of what event processing is and how it can be used, via promotion of use cases, best practices, academic research and other initiatives.   One factoid in announcement was a Gartner citation that a typical  large company deals with 100,000 to 1 million business events per second.”  The value of harnessing that information suggests a vibrant market opportunity that hopefully all market participants can get behind.


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Sherfudeen(Ash) Hassan

I am wondering if any body talking about using CEP for RFID events in actual business case . I hope some body in EPTS would have thought about it.

I am looking CEP for RFID and use it more than a BAM. For example I would like to calculate dwell time of inventory in Supply Chain. Or trigger VMI purchase order based on inventory level. Or create a event when shelf life of an Asset expires where expiration date is captured through and asset RFID event.

Another aspect I am looking for is a security model for EDA. Is there a tool which can help me create a fence around Events? This is mainly for who can subscribe to what events/alerts.

Chris Martins

Thanks for your comments. Specific to the Apama CEP offering, we have spoken of the use of CEP in the context of RFID frequently and have materials online that discuss this use case.

There is a Progress customer, BGN, a Dutch book retailer that uses several Progress products to help manage its retail operations, leveraging RFID tags. BGN was the first retailer to implement a storewide deployment of item-level tagging.

We have a video that reviews this at http://www.progress.com/apama/news/podcast/index.ssp

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